A Beginner’s Guide To Labradoodles

If you are searching for a kind, compassionate and devoted breed of dog to join the family, then look no further than the labradoodle. This breed is a perfect option for any individual living any type of lifestyle. It is a loving and intelligent dog of different sizes that works well for families where a person may be allergic to pet hair. Of course, these are brief points promoting the ownership of this type of dog and choosing a canine pet requires more consideration. This article will provide information on the dog and help you decide on whether or not to purchase this animal.

• Breeding

A labradoodle puppy is the careful result of canine cross-breeding between the labrador retriever and the poodle. Breeding these types of puppies is a complicated procedure and needs more attention than merely placing a poodle and labrador retriever in the same area. The breeding involves systematic planning where identification of the correct dog is made based on physical characteristics, temperament and health. Furthermore, the breeders may introduce additional canines and breeds into the breeding stock to influence the temperament or health elements.

• Appearance

The labrador/poodle breed has a charming nature with a charming appearance that is almost clown-like in nature. The physical configuration is highly similar to their retriever heritage; however, the dense coat can vary in many cases. In some cases, the coat will reflect the labrador retriever heritage, but in others it will reflect the poodle parentage. This means that the coat of the labradoodle can be either long or short and either wooly or fleece-like.

• The Size

Based on careful breeding of the canine, this dog is typically placed in one of three different size categories: standard, medium and miniature. The size of the puppy is most often dependent on the size of the poodle parentage, but it can sometimes reflect the labrador retriever heritage. For example, a standard size poodle will result in a standard size poodle/labrador cross-bred puppy. Of course, it is impossible to predict the exact size of these puppies; however, the majority of these dogs will appear as standard. Below is a description of the sizes.

A standard size will weigh between 45 and 75 pounds with a height of 23 to 26 inches. The average male dog within the standard category is generally heavier than females. Medium breeds can weigh between 40 and 55 pounds reaching a height of 18 to 21 inches. The miniature dog can weigh between 25 and 45 pounds with a height of 14 to 17 inches.

• The Temperament

This type of canine is typically a friendly animal with a high level of intelligence – mostly a reflection of their labrador retriever parentage. The physical appearance can be identified as a desire to connect with their owners and they often present with looks of curiosity. Tilting their heads and seeming to be confused or looking for directions is a common characteristic of these dogs.

There is no doubt that these puppies are charming, loving and devoted; however, they can also be disciplined. The high level of intelligence makes them the ideal pet as they are able to accept training readily while still seeming a curious breed.

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